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Third-Party Fundraising Programme Closed

Due to increasing admin and postal costs, all our third-party fundraising programmes have been closed. You can no longer raise funds for your chosen beneficiary from your empty cartridges.

Please destroy any copies of the Freepost address that you have in your possession, or that you may have passed on to others - as of Friday 18th December these will no longer function and your items may be destroyed or returned by Royal Mail.

If you wish to donate any unused cartridges (but not empty cartridges) you can do so by selling them to us on our Ink2Cash web site and donating the proceeds you receive to the charity of your choice.

Alternatively, you can donate both empty or unused cartridges for the benefit of our main partner charity, the Against Malaria Foundation through Cartridges4Charity by continuing below.

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  2021 Updates

  19,397 mosquito nets donated

  7,348 cartridges reused

  8,495kg of CO2 saved

  Lifetime Totals

  82,327 mosquito nets donated

  over 100,000 cartridges reused

  over 250 tonnes of CO2 saved

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