Our Chosen Beneficiary Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation (registered in the UK as charity number 1105319) is the charity we have chosen to support with your cartridge recycling efforts. Please note that Cartridges4Charity (operated by Seriously Easy Ltd, a company) is not a registered charity, but the recycling value of your empty cartridges, mobile phones, and full/unused cartridges is passed on to the AMF.

The foundation do pioneering work in the developing world to prevent the spread of malaria by distributing mosquito nets, which reduce child mortality and cases of malaria.

A net is the most effective means of preventing malaria, and produced and distributed at the cost of approximately $5USD per net — so just one popular cartridge could buy a whole net and protect somebody from mosquitoes.

GiveWell — who critically assess the finances and activities of charities — have rated the Against Malaria Foundation one of their top-rated charities, indicating that they are extremely effective in helping increase lifespans, and have growth capacity to use additional donations effectively.

Read more about the Against Malaria Foundation's work on their website

Your Recycling Contributions

We work out the equivalent number of nets purchased your items have bought, which is published on our web site.

You can see Cartridges4Charity's malaria net fundraising totals with the Against Malaria Foundation on this page

Just a single in-demand empty cartridge could purchase a mosquito net, and a popular mobile phone or an unused cartridge in good condition could buy ten!

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  Totals for Winter 2019-2020

  ~4,382 mosquito nets donated

  3,698 cartridges reused

  3,922kg of CO2 saved