Recycle Your Printer Cartridges Now

Your full cartridges, empty ink cartridges, and empty toner cartridges will be reused to raise funds for the Against Malaria Foundation.

  Full / Unused Cartridges

You may have surplus cartridges for an old printer that are still unused, or mistakenly ordered cartridges.

We work hard to find a new home for these β€” they typically raise from Β£1 to over Β£50 each for the AMF.

Boxed retail printer cartridges that are full and unused

Send Full Cartridges

  Used / Empty Cartridges

Empty cartridges will take many thousands of years to decompose in landfill sites β€” recycling or appropriate disposal is a must.

Some models have a commercial value and can raise up to Β£2 each for the AMF.

Used toner and ink cartridges

Recycle Empty Cartridges

  Spring 2024 Totals

  2,718 mosquito nets donated

  725 cartridges reused

  3,625kg of CO2 saved

  Lifetime Totals

  127,604 mosquito nets donated

  over 100,000 cartridges reused

  over 250 tonnes of CO2 saved