How to Recycle Used Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are the smaller cartridge type (fit into the palm of your hand) used in home printers and use a liquid ink, and can raise up to Β£2 each for the Against Malaria Foundation.

Examples of ink cartridges

Empty ink cartridge recycling is offered by Recycle4Charity — if your items qualify you will get a pre-paid Royal Mail label you can use at a Post Office.

If you have toner or laser cartridges (a foot long, and used in office printers and photocopiers), please see our toner/laser recycling service instead, as Recycle4Charity does not accept any of these.

  Step 1. Check you have a total of at least Β£2 in value

If you have any full or unused cartridges, please use our full cartridge service instead.

Because postage costs are very high and not all empty ink cartridges have value, you need to check your used cartridges have at least Β£2 in total donation value for the Against Malaria Foundation before you send to Recycle4Charity.

Search using your cartridge part number(s), and then click on the row for your cartridges to see their donation value:

Check your cartridges' value

Unsure? Having trouble? Email Recycle4Charity β€” providing a photo of your cartridges, or giving them your printer or cartridge model number will help.

Items don't qualify? Try our free recycling alternatives guide instead.

  Step 2. Register with Recycle4Charity

Once you've checked your items have enough value, register so that your cartridges can be credited to the Against Malaria Foundation.

Register with Recycle4Charity

  Step 3. Send Your Items to Recycle4Charity

Once registered, you can request a one-use prepaid postal label to send your items at any Post Office.

Or, if you wish to act as a collection point for others, you can request a free display collection box to be sent to you.

Request postage label / box

Please remember to send any full/unused cartridges to us separately.

Got Questions?

Not able to reach the Β£2 minimum? Don't have time to check?

Please do not throw your cartridges in the bin! They take thousands of years to degrade and will leech chemicals into landfill sites.

Instead, we can help you find alternatives β€” hopefully ones that are free β€” to help the environment even if we can't help charity.

Find free recycling alternatives

Do not yet have Β£2 in value?

Register above, and then wait until you do have enough items to raise at least the minimum value in total. You could club together with others, or even set up a collection point for empty cartridges so this won't be a problem, and you help save on resources by cutting down the postage cost per cartridge.

I have some unused cartridges

Please send us (Cartridges4Charity) your unused cartridges, as we can raise much more for the Against Malaria Foundation this way, and we may be able to take your empty cartridges at the same time.

I have some toner/laser cartridges

Please try our toner recycling service first, as Recycle4Charity do not accept these. If you qualify for that service you can send any inks you have along at the same time with the toners.

Problems? Other questions?

If your question is about the Recycle4Charity scheme described above, please email as this is a third-party service we have no control over.

Email Recycle4Charity

If however you want to ask about full/unused cartridges, toner/laser cartridges, or alternative recycling options, we β€” Cartridges4Charity β€” would love to hear from you.

Contact Cartridges4Charity

  Spring 2024 Totals

  2,718 mosquito nets donated

  725 cartridges reused

  3,625kg of CO2 saved

  Lifetime Totals

  127,604 mosquito nets donated

  over 100,000 cartridges reused

  over 250 tonnes of CO2 saved