Send Toner / Laser Cartridges

Laser cartridges are normally a foot long and used in office printers and photocopiers and use a toner powder.

If you have any full or unused cartridges, please use our full cartridge service instead.

If you have ink cartridges (smaller than a clenched fist, and used in home printers), please see our ink recycling service for these first instead.

Organise a Collection

Please enter your details so we can contact you to arrange the recycling of your cartridges.

Can You Send Me Some Boxes?

Please use your own second-hand boxes to securely ship any toner cartridges — this is even better for the environment, and reduces our costs so more funds are raised for charity.

Can I Send Unused Cartridges Too?

Please don't send full or unused cartridges using this service, as we handle those at a separate warehouse. Please visit the unused cartridge recycling page instead.

Is There Anything I Can't Send?

We offer several solutions. Depending on which one, you may need to check your cartridge models against a list in order to raise funds for our charity partners.

In any case you must not send any toner waste cassettes or "toner bottles" like those shown here:

Picture of miscellaneous types of toner bottles

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  Totals for Winter 2019-2020

  ~4,382 mosquito nets donated

  3,698 cartridges reused

  3,922kg of CO2 saved